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Set up for Arlo Pro 2 camera:

  • First, open the battery compartment by pressing the latch and pulling it back gently.
  • Then, insert the battery and close the battery door.
  • Now, bring your camera within one to three feet i.e. 30 to 100 centimetres of the base station.
  • For synchronizing the camera to base station:
    If you are using an Arlo base station then press the Sync button on the side of the base station for about 2 seconds and then release it.
    Or, if you are using an Arlo Pro 2 base station then press the button on the top of the base station for about 2 seconds and then release it.
  • After that, wait for the sync status LED to blink green colour.
  • Further, press the Sync button on top of the camera for about 2 seconds and then release it.
    A blue LED on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm the sync process.
    If the LED on the camera blinks amber colour, then sync is not successful. You have to repeat the sync process.
  • Next, check the camera LED on the base station.
    If the camera LED on the base station turns solid green colour, then the sync process is complete.
  • You can repeat these steps for each camera.

Arlo Pro 2 Camera System

Arlo Pro 2- Attribute to forge divergence
You can see everything that is going on at your home in details with the help of 1080p HD feature. If any unwanted person tries to enter your home then Arlo Pro will show you a clear video with HD quality that will help you to identify the suspect.

Obtain the best of all possible worlds:

Arlo Pro 2 has the malleability feature which helps it to be wireless as it has its rechargeable battery or stay plugged into power. You unlock your security camera’s advanced features whenever you plugged into an indoor power outlet.

Weather proof:

You can get the security whenever you need it most in order to look after the ones you love the most. Arlo Pro 2 camera is weather-resistant to stand watch for you from anywhere.

More features:

  • Wire-free security camera
    You can watch and record crisp HD video in more detail as it has 1080p HD quality.
  • Motion and sound detection
    You can get an instant notification that will be sent to your smart phone or email.
  • 2-way audio camera
    You can listen in and talk through the camera from your smart phone very easily.
  • Night Vision
    At night or in dark, low light will turn on automatically so that you can see clearly.
  • Free Cloud Storage
    You can keep a rolling for 7 days of motion and sound-triggered recordings for free.
  • Local Backup Storage
    To capture footage, simply connect a USB drive to the base station.
  • Smart Security Siren
    100+ decibel smart security sirens help to control it from anywhere as it gets embedded in the base station.
  • Connects Well With Others
    Arlo Pro camera does works with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Smart Things and Stringify.
  • 130° Viewing Angle
    Arlo Pro camera has got a wide-angle motion sensor which makes sure that not even a single movement eliminates through without your notice.
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