Why Arlo Base Station Offline

The very first thing to check if your base station is online is by checking
the middle internet LED light on the front of the base station.

  • Case 1 If the light is GREEN that means Base station is connected to internet.
  • Case 2 If the light is AMBER that means Base station is NOT connected to internet.
  • Case 3 If there is no light that means Base station in not connected to Router.

Steps To Fix Arlo Offline Issue

1. Check if the Base Station is connected to power outlet properly.
2. Check if the Ethernet cable is connected to Base Station and to your Router.
3. Restart your Base Station.
4. Check your Router DHCP settings. Make sure it is enabled.
5. Perform Factory reset by pushing the reset button on Base Station.
6. If  you are unable to connect your Arlo Base Station contact us at 1-844-422-0089

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